What is the real meaning of Approach in salesmanship ?


Approach is an essential adjunct of pre-approach. It is the extended part of pre-approach. ‘Approach’ means meeting the prospect in person by the salesman. It is coming in to direct contact with the prospects. It is the second stage of the sales interview where he makes face-to-face contact with the prospect to understand him better. Success follows those salesmen who possess courage, courtesy and win the confidence.

However, the salesman really comes in contact or in the ambit of a prospect what results transfer would largely depend on his approach. Buyers often judge the mettle of a salesman mainly by the way in which the salesmen comes pack even after frequent rebuffs. Only with this stand, the prospects will form their opinion that the salesman has really something to offer. In other words, it is the salesman who attracts the attention of the prospect, gets him motivated or interested in the product or service and tries to continue that the product or service of his fits the frame of prospect. Approach is made on two stages namely, (a) a sincere and honest attempt to get an interview and (b) getting through fax interviewed with the prospect.


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