How to Deal With A Ill-Mannered Type Customer?


Ill-mannered customers are rude and rough. “Manners make man” is the age old saying. However, there are good many persons whom we can not call as ‘men’ or ‘gentleman’ as they lack the minimum manners and mannerisms. The nature and the extent of manners of mannerisms are greatly influenced by the factors like, education, family background, friend-circle, financial status, cultural back-drop and so on. These ill-mannered customers are normally rough and tough crowned with egoism. Their tongue is sharp and talks are unpolished. These persons are the slaves of bad habits such as drinking, smoking, chewing tobacco and the like. They love utmost freedom and if objected they talk sharply and curtly.

The rude and rough behaviour of a customer makes the salesman to teach him a lession. However, he should remember theme of the statement “Love begets love and hate begets hate”. Because, other party is rude and rough, the salesman should not get rough and tough. It would be like throwing stones in dirt that boomerangs. He should bear or endure all his ill-manners because, he is not supposed to mend or end them. Salesman should trace his weak points and give an impression that he likes his ill-manners. Many a times, pretence pays good returns which is a must to get the sales. It is a sheer diplomacy and endurance that brings sure success.


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