The office serves as the administrative centre of an organization. Mechanical devices have been found more and more essential to the efficient running of a modern office. A few years ago, typewriter was the only machine used in office. But now-a-days we ha»e office, machines for almost every operation. So office machine consists of a date stamp to an electronic brain. At present machines are regarded as a tool of management as these are described as labour-saving and cost reduction devices.

The common machines used in an office are :

  1. Duplicating machine
  2. Calculating machine
  3. Accounting machine.

Duplicating Machine

Duplicating means the process of making a single or few copies of outgoing letters. There are various methods of making a few or large number of copies from the outgoing letter. These methods are :

(a) Type Write


This is the most commonly used duplicating the letters. In a typewriter eight copies can be obtained at a time. When the typing work need neater and faster, and electronic typewriter may be used.

(b) Press Copying

This method of copying is used in small offices. Under this copying is done in a letter book which contains a few hundred tissue sheets serially numbered. The letter to be copied is written by hand in copying ink or typed with a copying ribbon. It is placed on the back of letter book page so that written copy can be seen from the tissue.

(c) Stencil Duplicator


It is used for reproduction of exact copies of typewritten work as well as maps and charts. A stencil is a waxed paper upon which is typed or traced matter is duplicated.

(d) Photostat

Photostat is a machine for photographic reproduction of letters, maps, drawings and deeds. It resembles a large camera.

Calculating Machine

Calculating machines are used by those concern where arithmetical calculations like addition, subtraction divisions and multiplications are carried on large scale. The use of calculating machine minimizes the chances of errors and speed up the process of calculation. It also saves labour cost and relieves the accounts department staff. The various types of calculating machines are key-driven calculator, rotary calculator, printing calculator, automatic calculator and electronic calculator.

Accounting Machines

These machines are regarded as the most advanced mechanical device adopted in big business houses. This machine posts ledgers, makes statements, adds and subtracts. Accounting machines are mainly used for purchase journal, sales journal, general journal, bill receivable and payable journal and customers statement. Accounting machine increases the speed of operation and attain accuracy in calculation.