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What precautions are necessary while calculating national income according to income method?

The following precautions should be taken while calculating national income using income method: (i) All kinds of transfer payments are not to be included in the national income. This is so be­cause these are unilateral payments. (ii) The value of the output kept for self-consumption and the imputed rent of the self-occupied house are included […]

What are the uses of calculating machine in office ?

Mental calculations done for hours together are tiring and as such calculating machines are used for doing multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. The most important figuring jobs where calculating machines are used are:

What are the advantages of calculating machine in an office ?

A calculating machine is a machine, which performs the job of multiplication, division and calculation. These machines can be operated electrically or manually. These machines are commonly known as calculators. The advantages of these machines are:

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