What is the importance and methods of cleanliness of Hair?


(a) Importance:

Just like skin the cleanliness of hair is also very important. Although our whole body is covered with hair but our head has long and dense hair. These hairs have their roots inside the pores of the skin. Therefore, when the waste material comes out of the skin while sweating the hair also get dirty.

The hair also gets dirty by sun-light, filth, micro-organisms and hair-oil. This dirt creates lice in the hair. The lice suck blood from the skin of the head and consequently there are wounds on the head through which the diseases causing bacteria’s occur.


It creates itching. These lice spread impetigo and relapsing fever, and cause lymphatic glands to expand. If the lice remain in the hair for long, they breed horribly. Therefore quick measures must be taken to get rid of them.

(b) Methods

1. The hair should be washed with plenty of water and soap.

2. While washing the hair we should rub them for some time to increase the circulation of blood to the desired effective­ness.


3. One should comb one’s hair regularly.

4. Every body must use his own comb.

5. To get rid of the lice following can be done: –

(a) One should apply warm vinegar.


(b) Lice can also be killed by using a solution of coconut oil and kerosene.

(c) One should use the solution of the benzyl-benzoate which is very effective and acts like a solvent on which the lice stick themselves.

(d) The use of let have-oil is also very effective as it kills the eggs of the lice.

(e) Some times another kind of lice is found in the hair which causes itching and spots of red colour over the body. This causes Typhus-fever and Goal-fever. To kill this kind of lice right kind of antiseptic medicine with hot water should be used for washing the hair.

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