(a) Importance:

In human body, throat is the organ which is used most and which is one of the most important parts of the body. All the systems of the body take air, water and food through the throat only to work properly.

If attentions are not paid to the cleanliness of the throat, it gets sore. And sometimes due to too much carelessness, throat becomes the victim of diphtheria which causes untimely death of the person. It is therefore necessary that attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the throat.

(b) Methods.


1. Every day during gargles, tongue and throat should be cleaned with the help of the fingers.

2. If the throat is sore, we should gargle with Luke warm water containing salt or we should gargle with tea water.

3. Proper exercise of neck is very important so that the juices of the glands circulate properly. For this one should stand straight and rotate the neck up and down, right and left.

4. For this we should stand and move the throat from right to left, left to right and upward and downward.