(a) Importance:

Skin is the outer most part of the body and also its natural cover. There are numerous minute pores through which sweat comes out in the process dirtying the skin and needs to be cleaned so that dirt is not deposited there and the pores don’t get clogged blocking the flow of oxygen into the body.

Cleaning of skin also keeps away such surface skin diseases like scabies, fungus and discolouration of the skin. Hence, skin is to be kept clean by washing.

(b) Bathing:


Most essential and basic means of skin cleansing in tropical countries is bathing. Depending on the season if the skin is washed with cold/luke warm water, it will get cleaned. A good quality soap may be used. Bathing has several advantages as follows: –

1. Through baths dirt of the skin is removed.

2. The pores of the skin are opened and start functioning smoothly.

3. The circulation of blood is normalised.


4. If hot water bath is taken, maximum dirt of the body gets cleaned.

5. The skin becomes more beautiful and healthy.

6. Bath increases appetite and digestion becomes proper. We should not take bath during exercise or hard work till the sweat is dried.

7. The sensitivity of the skin is increased.


8. Morning sunbath makes body healthy.

Teacher must help children to develop good bathing habits, a source of real fun and frolic, joy and jubilation.