(a) Importance:

Teeth have their own specific position and im­portance because whatever one eats for the existence of one’s body is chewed with the help of the teeth in order to swallow it. For chewing it is necessary that the teeth should be strong and for that, they should be cleaned.

If their cleanliness is neglected, the child suffers from many diseases and as a result of this he gives up chewing. If the food is not sufficiently chewed, the intestine is unable to digest it. This causes many diseases in digestion, restrains the development of body and mind.

Due to uncleanness, if there is pus formation in the teeth, the pus goes in the stomach with the food and causes many serious diseases like Gastritis, Ulcer, Inflammation of Intestine, Anemia and respiratory diseases. Dirty teeth can cause tonsils to swell. Therefore it is very necessary to keep teeth clean.


(b) Methods: It is necessary to keep in mind the following for cleaning the teeth.

1. The teeth should be cleaned at lest twice a day in the morning and before going to bed.

2. Teeth should be cleaned immediately after taking the food so that the particles of food come out. Particles of the food decay teeth. It produces acid and weakens the enamel and roots of the teeth.

3. Clean brush should be used for cleanliness of the teeth so that the germs on brush may not enter the mouth.


4. As far as possible too cold and too hot thing should not be used.

5. There should be exercise of teeth through natural method. In this method dry-fruits and ripe fruits are to be chewed with the help of teeth. It makes the blood run fast in gums.

6. Teeth should not be used to break hard things lest their outer part be broken.

7. Teeth should not be scratched with the help of some pointed object like needle. In most cases the brush made of neem or babool should be used. They destroy the germs and foul odor. Food like cake, biscuits, banana etc, should not be used as they make teeth dirty.


(a) It is necessary to clean the milk teeth of the children. It makes the clean and strong teeth come out later. Teacher should also pay attention to this.

(b) It is necessary to include vitamin ‘A’ and ‘D’ and calcium phosphate in sufficient quantity. They make the teeth strong.