Write a brief note on providing After Sales Services


The discussion on selling process is its entities, will be incomplete if one does not take into account the after-sale service or follow-up rendered by a salesman.

Providing service, particularly after-sale services, to the customers, is important in ; types of selling. Such an attempt builds goodwill between the businessmen and the customer may be an individual or an organization. As soon as an order is clinched, no salesman is expects to give impression that his work is over. If he does, it is a great folly. Account penetration helps the salesman to better his services to the account and unfold its needs and problems. A service relationship with an account leads to increased total and selected brand of sales, better distribution on the wide range of products and much desired customer co-operation in promoting the company products.

To serve the customer best, the salesman is to concentrate on improving his account penetration. That is, he is to contact each customer frequently and regularly making sure that he handles the complaints promptly; assures his full co-operation. He should thank all the customers sincerely for their patronage no matter how large or small they are to show that he appreciates them and their firms. If the customer reduces the business and move onto the competition, the salesman should continue to call on them in a normal professional manner without any kind of prejudice, and find out the reasons as if why they have turned their swift develop new customer benefit plan or plans to recapture the lost business.


Salesman should strive hard to help his customers in increasing their satisfaction through sale of his products. To increase his sale, the salesman should develop a sales programme, his clientele, inventory levels, display, communication between sellers and users so that the customs feels elevated. He should maintain positive friendly business relationship with each customer- may be a final user or on intermediary. In a sentence, a professional salesman is service oriented because, the follow- up and after-sale service greatly help him in maximizing the company sales and the personal goods too.

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