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Notes on the symptoms, prevention and treatment of Mumps

Another infectious disease is mumps, which is characterized by fever and swelling of salivary glands. It is also common among the children as well as adults. Its incubation period is from 17 to 26 days and infective period lasts until the swelling subsides.

Notes on the symptoms, prevention and treatment of Measles

Measles is one of the most common infectious diseases of childhood. It spreads very rapidly and caused by a specific virus, which is present in the nasal discharges and skin scrapings. The incubation period for this is around 8 to 10 days. In adults it may be slightly longer.

Notes on the Symptoms and treatment of Fracture

A fracture is an injury caused due to a fall from a place and as a result of which bone is broken. This is a common feature with the school children. There are three kinds of fracture: Simple, Compound and Complicated. When the skin is not bruised, it is called a simple fracture.

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