Notes on the Symptoms and treatment of Fracture


A fracture is an injury caused due to a fall from a place and as a result of which bone is broken. This is a common feature with the school children. There are three kinds of fracture: Simple, Compound and Complicated. When the skin is not bruised, it is called a simple fracture.

Simple fractures are often turned into compound by careless handling of the affected part. When the bone fracture is caused along with the internal injury situation gets complicated fracture. Without X-Ray examination it is often difficult for a doctor to decide, whether a bone is broken or not.



(i) The affected part gets swollen;

(ii) Severe pain is felt in moving the affected part;

(iii) Peculiar sound is produced by the friction of one bony part against the other;

(iv) The broken parts deformed and lose its power of working;



In treating a broken bone great care has to be taken, so that the trouble might not increase.

(i) The patient should be kept absolutely motionless and the affected part in as natural a position as possible.

(ii) Without providing First-Aid the patient should not be removed from the place of the accident.


(iii) If there will be bleeding during the fracture, attempts should be made first to stop the bleeding and the wounded parts should be properly dressed.

(iv) Then the “broken parts of the hone should be brought together to natural position by drawing steadily but gently,

(v) For setting the broken bones the posterior slab should be tied by bandages, so that the broken- bones may not be displaced.

(vi) The fractured bone-may be hung with the string.


(vii) The patient should be properly dealt to lessen the effect of shock.

(viii) For further treatment and advice the patient should be removed to the dispensary or hospital as the case may be.

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