Another infectious disease is mumps, which is characterized by fever and swelling of salivary glands. It is also common among the children as well as adults. Its incubation period is from 17 to 26 days and infective period lasts until the swelling subsides.


There is tenderness and swelling of one or more salivary glands usually of the parotid. At first, it is unilateral, gradual passing on to the other side. Pain is felt at the angle of the jaw, before swelling appears and the mouth can not be opened properly. For 3 to 4 days, eating and swallowing are painful. There may or may not be fever. However, in rare case the temperature may rises to very high.

Mode of spread


The infection mainly spreads through the saliva and breath of the infected person. It may convey through direct contact, air, clothing and droplets.


Mumps, although not severe, have great many complications like affecting reproductive systems and may cause deafness in rare cases.



Treatment for this disease can be given symptomatic. It is advisable to wash the mouth regularly and apply hot fermentation. Icthyl Belladonna pain can be applied to the swollen parotids with doctor’s consultation. The patient should be kept in bed and fluid food should be given, as he/she can not swallow solid and hard foods.