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Main Provisions of the Cabinet Mission Plan

The Second World War came to an end on 10th August, 1945. After that general elections were held in England and Labour Party headed by Clement Attlee came out victorious.

14 most important characteristics of a perfect Institutional Plan

14 most important characteristics of a perfect Institutional Plan. It is a fact of experience that no two schools can be identical in their needs and requirements. Hence every school will have to prepare an institutional plan for itself independently.

515 words essay on staffing plan and process

515 words essay on staffing plan and process. Staffing consists of manpower planning, recruit­ment, selection, training, compensation, promotion and maintenance of managerial personnel.

Brief notes on Plan and Non Plan Expenditure

India has adopted economic planning as a strategy for economic develop­ment. For stepping up the rate of economic development five-year plans have been formulated.

Everything you ought to know about the river Ganga Action Plan

Ganga the holiest of the rivers of India, has served as the cradle of Indian Civilization. Several major pilgrim centers have flourished on its banks for centuries and millions of people come to bath in the river during various religious festivals.

Write a short note on Perspective Plan, 1988

In 1988, Government (Planning Commission) appointed a National Committee on Tourism under the chairmanship of Shri Mohammed Yunus, Chairman, and Trade Fair Authority of India, to prepare a perspective plan for development of tourism in India.

Write a brief note on the National Action Plan, 1992

National Action Plan for Tourism was presented to the Parliament in May 1992. It outlined the importance of the industry in the global context and in the national context, its effect on employment generation, foreign exchange earnings etc.

How to prepare the disaster preparedness plan?

There is no rigid or standard format for disaster preparedness plans, in fact, the reverse applies, in that the format needs to fit the circumstances in which the plan is being made and the requirements, which it is designed to meet.

What is the difference between Serial Plan and Parallel Plan?

One of the most important and basic principles of organisation is division of work. No one person can discharge everything well and as such what a person can perform best is devised which is called division of work or specialisation.

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