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Notes on the Major problems of Rural Society in India

The Rural Society of India is very much backward. It backwardness is very much due to the several problems that haunt the Rural Society. The process of change is very slow and so the problems are more or less age old in recent years, the process of change has been accelerated and so new problems […]

5 Major Problems of Food Security in India

To maintain the need of food for the growing population and to meet the minimum food requirement, various steps have been taken in these directions.

Major Carps have proved to be best culturable fish in India

Major carps have proved to be best culturable fish in India as: Carps feed on zoo and phytoplankton’s, decaying weeds debris and other aquatic plants. Carps can survive under somewhat higher temperatures and also in turbid water.

Complete information on major types of epidemics in India

India is endemic to many diseases such as Malaria, Kala-azar, Cholera, Tuberculosis. These erupt in epidemic form when conditions are favorable for their spread. Epidemics are disasters by themselves but these can emerge in the aftermath of other disasters as well.

What are the major problems faced by Rural Industries?

Rural industries is constrained with several problems. The growth of rural industries is not very healthy due to the following factors : movement of various industrial activities. This is a major problem faced by rural entrepreneurs.

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