Notes on the Major problems of Rural Society in India


The Rural Society of India is very much backward. It backwardness is very much due to the several problems that haunt the Rural Society. The process of change is very slow and so the problems are more or less age old in recent years, the process of change has been accelerated and so new problems are also cropping up.

The major problems consist of the agriculture, the ownership of the land, the lack of cottage industries, lack of education social evils, death of animal, wealth, bad wealth and so on. These problems are the result of traditionalism and conservatism of the Rural Society. The problems of the villages may be studied under the following heads:

1) The problems concerning agriculture; 2) The problems of cottage industries; 3) The problems of population and the family planning animal wealth and animal husbandry; 4) The problems of rural health and education; 5) The problem of the status of women,6) The problem of child marriage, 7) The problem of traditionalism and conservatism 8) The problem of unemployment 9) The problem of land less labour 10) Rural indebtedness 11) Problem of nutrition in villages 12) Problem of housing. Apart from it there are also the problems of untouchability and casteism.

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