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What are the limiting factors in an ecosystem?

The existing natural ecosystem is often confronted with negative impacts of modern technology. These often cause stress, especially by altering the fundamental stability of an ecosystem.

What are the steps required in preparing an office report?

Office is regarded as an information centre and office manager is called an information officer. Because of this reason, a lot of emphasis is given on reports, which is a form of narrative and presents facts relating to an event, progress of action in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

How to maintain good work flow in your office ?

Flow of work is concerned with the passing of work from one operation to another or from one stage to another. The way on which a particular work moves from one operation to another is called a flow of work.

What are the advantages of the process of Transplantation in Agriculture ?

There are certain crops such as paddy, and many vegetables such as tomatoes, brinjal, cabbage, cauliflower and chilies, which are not grown by sowing the seeds directly in the field. In such cases, it is necessary to prepare a nursery or a seedbed separately in apart of the field.

How do the atomic properties vary with a period ?

Variations in the atomic properties of elements in any period are discussed below. Atomic number: In a period, the elements are arranged in the order of increasing atomic number. The atomic number increases by one unit atomic each element from left to right in a period.

How do the atomic properties vary in a group ?

All elements in a group generally show the same valence. From the values given in the above table, the valence of the main group elements is either equal to the number of valence electrons or 8-number of valence electrons.

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