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What are the differences between Frog and Toad?

The differences between Frog and Toad are: Diurnal in habit i.e. comes out during day time whereas Manly nocturnal in habit i.e. comes out during night. Mainly aquatic whereas Toads are Mainly terrestrial.

Differences between Sociology and Psychology?

Sociology is a general social science but Psychology is a special social science. Sociology studies human behaviour from sociological point of view whereas Psychology studies human behaviour from psychological point of view.

What are the differences between Sociology and Economics?

Sociology is the study of social relationships or social activities but Economics is the study of only the economic activities of man. In Sociology society is regarded as the unit of study whereas in Economics the individual is the target of study.

What are the differences between Society and Organism?

According to Spencer the differences between society and organism are as follows: (1) In an organism the parts are fixed and bound together in close contact, while in a society the parts are separated and dispersed.

What are the differences between Sociology and Political Science?

The approach of Sociology is sociological. It follows its own methods in addition to the scientific methods in its investigation. On the other hand, the approach of Political Science is political. It has its own method of study like the historical, philosophical comparative.

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