1. Diurnal in habit i.e. comes out during day time
  2. Mainly aquatic
  3. Skin is smooth and slippery dark strips
  4. Skin is yellow colored with
  5. Warts absent
  6. Cuticle is thin
  7. Poisonous glands are smaller.
  8. Premaxillery and maxillary teeth are upper jaw
  9. Vomerine teeth present
  10. Tongue is bifid
  11. Centrium in ninth
  12. Episternum and omosternum present
  13. Absence of laryngeal artery
  14. Urinogenital duets open separately
  15. Oviducts open separately into cloaca
  16. Eggs are laid in gelatinous aggregation spaun attached to weeds.


  1. Manly nocturnal in habit i.e. comes out during night
  2. Mainly terrestrial
  3. Skin is rough, dry and wrinkled
  4. Skin is brownish in color and dusky
  5. Warts are present
  6. Cuticle is thick
  7. Poisonous glands are relatively large
  8. Jaws are toothless.
  9. Vomerine teeth absent
  10. Tongue is entine
  11. Centrum in ninth vertebra is vertebrae are a coelous procoelous
  12. No episternum and in the pectoral gridle omosternum
  13. Presence of laryngeal artery
  14. Urinogenital duets unite to open in to the cloaca by simple aperture into cloaca
  15. Oviducts unite posteriorly & open by single aperture in to  oloaca
  16. eggs are laid in chain like i.e. as irregular strings among weeds in water.