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What is the importance of iron in our blood stream?

There are normally around 5000000 red blood cells in a drop of blood no longer than the head of a pin. These tiny cells are rounded on the edges and hollow in middle, something like a disk or a plate.

Everything you ought to know about human blood groups?

Blood from one person cannot always be safely mixed with that of another, because of the transfusion reaction which could occur due to the presence or absence of agglutinogens and agglutinins in blood.

What are the most essential functions of Blood?

Some of the most vital functions of Blood are : 1. Transport of nutrition, 2. Transport of respiratory gases, 3. Acts as a Vehicle, 4. Drainage of Waste Products:, 5. Blood Clotting:, 6. Regulation of body temperature, 7. Defense actions and 8. Regulates blood pressure.

Short notes on Red Blood Cells or Erythrocytes

The red cells are minute disc shaped bodies, concave on either side. They are present in very large amount, numbering about 5 millions in adult male and 4.5 millions in adult female per cubic millimeter of blood.

What is normal blood pressure (B.P.)?

Blood pressure means the lateral pressure of the circulating blood on the vessel wall of the arterial blood channels. The blood pressure essentially depends on two factors—

Composition of Blood of Mammals and their functions

Blood is liquid connective tissue which connects all the parts of body and body cells acts as a principal circulatory medium of animals to bring about the humoral inter communications and transport of materials in the body.

Brief note on Blood of Mammal

Mammalian blood is composed of a liquid part called plasma and solid part includes corpuscles. Blood corpuscles are R.B.C. (Red blood corpuscles), W.B.C. (White Blood Corpuscles) and Blood Platelets.

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