What are the most essential functions of Blood?


Some of the most vital functions of Blood are : 1. Transport of nutrition, 2. Transport of respiratory gases, 3. Acts as a Vehicle, 4. Drainage of Waste Products:, 5. Blood Clotting:, 6. Regulation of body temperature, 7. Defense actions and 8. Regulates blood pressure.

1. Transport of nutrition:

The blood is the means whereby all nourishment is transported to the cells.


2. Transport of respiratory gases:

The blood transports Oxygen as oxy hemoglobin from the lungs to the blood cells and returns carbon dioxide from the cells to the lungs for excretion.

3. Acts as a Vehicle:

The blood transports hormones and enzymes from their place of origin to their target organs and tissues (place of activity).


4. Drainage of Waste Products:

The blood removes all waste products from the tissues and cells. These waste products are transported to the appropriate organs for excretion-lungs, kidney’s, intestine, skin etc.

5. Blood Clotting:

By the mechanism of clotting, loss of blood cells and body fluids is prevented.


6. Regulation of body temperature:

Blood helps to maintain the body temperature by distributing the heat produced by the chemical activity of the cells evenly, throughout the body.

7. Defense actions:

The blood aids in the defense of the body against the invasion of micro-organisms and their toxins due to:


(a) The phagocyte action of neutrophils and monocytes.

(b) The presence of antibodies and antitoxins.

8. Regulates blood pressure:

Blood regulates blood pressure.

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