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What are the main aims and objectives of a great School Complex?

What are the main aims and objectives of a great School Complex? Teaching, training and learning take place in both formal and non-formal situations, enriching the nation’s human resources for individual well being and social progress.

Aims and Objectives of Teaching Mathematics

In the past, teaching objectives in Mathematics were limited to having students’ memorized facts and obtain skill in manipulating and calculating numbers. Memorizing of rules and mechanical manipulation of numbers were considered sufficient.

What are the objectives of teaching algebra?

The first aim of teaching Algebra is to help in expression of abstract ideas. Words and phrases as the instrument of ideas are replaced by symbols helping in clarity and conciseness.

What are the aims and objectives of teaching Geography to students?

The aims of teaching Geography are intimately connected with the functions and values. Geography teaching aims at nothing less than an understanding of the inter-action of the vast natural environments on the surface of the earth on entire humanity.

What are the aims of Teaching Science to students?

Teaching of Science falls into two main classes-usefulness to the Country and usefulness to the pupils. Aims of Science teaching, that remain planted in Teacher’s Manuals, without being used, do not help children.

14 essential aims and objectives of Physical Education

Programme of physical education is based on sound psychological principles. It develops amongst the individu­als wholesome attitudes towards play and physical activi­ties and cultivates recreational and hobbies.

What are the aims and objectives of Health Education in India?

Health education like general education is concern­ed with the change in knowledge, feelings and behavior of people. In its most usual ‘form it concentrates on developing such health practices as are believed to bring about the best possible state of well being’—(WHO).

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