Each institution should prepare the plan on the basis of the following characteristics.

(1) On the academic side institutional planning should aim at:

(a) Qualitative improvement.

(b) Providing more amenities to


(i) The teacher

(ii) The pupils and

(iii) The local community

c) Maintaining if not improving the educational standards if the umber of pupils increases in the school and


(d) Reducing and even eliminating the incidence of wastage and stagnation.

(2) On the skill side it should aim at:

(a) Developing a love for manual work and

(b) Cultivating a liking for gardening, craft, interior and exterior decoration.


(3) On the attitude side it should aim at.

(a) Promoting better relationship between the pupils and the teachers on the one hand, the teachers and the parents on the other.

(b) Inspiring the teachers to give their best to the pupils in particular and the school in general.

(c) Developing a taste in the pupils in dramatics, athletics and hobbies.


(d) creating a feeling of belongingness to the institution in both the pupils and teachers.

(4) On the economic side it should aim at:

(a) Reducing the cost of education per pupil by making the optimum utilisation of existing resources.

(b) Tapping all the economic resources of the local community.


(c) Procuring all possible plan and non-plan, recurring and non­recurring grants from the government agencies.

(d) Receiving all possible help from the philanthropic associations in the form of scholarships for the pupils, book aid and amenities like the water cooler, the public address instruments etc.

(5) on the social side it should aim at:

(a) National integration.


(b) Cultural and emotional integration.

(6) It should be specific for the school. If it is a newly started school, the first aim should be to give a firm footing to it. But if it is an old and established one, the main objective would be to review and if need be, to redefine the philosophy.

(7) On the political side it should aim at developing democratic attitudes in the teachers and the pupils.