14 essential aims and objectives of Physical Education


(i) To develop the organic systems of the body;

It is recognized that our feelings, emotions, thoughts and achievements are influenced to a considerable extent by the physiological process of the body. The development of the organic vigor is dependent on a wide selection of activities and so conducted that the normal functions of the body are developed and improved.

(ii) To develop euro-muscular co-ordination or skill;


A good deal of physical activities helps the individu­als and groups to develop certain skill, which gives satisfaction and happiness in a variety of ways during leisure times. Being physically illiterate many people do not know how to enjoy their leisure and become unhappy and maladjusted. Individual and group play activities enable people to give wholesome expression to their innate desires and interests,

(iii) To develop right attitude towards and physical activities in general;

Programme of physical education is based on sound psychological principles. It develops amongst the individu­als wholesome attitudes towards play and physical activi­ties and cultivates recreational and hobbies.

(iv) To develop a desirable social attitudes and conduct; By giving emphasis on ethical values inherent in Playing games with and against others the desirable social attitudes and conduct can be developed through a progra­mme of well organized physical activities. It gives opportunity for social contact, group living, and self adjustment with the group.


(v) Development of psychomotor skills;

(vi) Development of understanding and appreciation of the techniques and strategies of sports;

(vii) Preparation for leisure time;

(viii) Elimination of worries and anxieties through deve­loping appropriate interests and habits of engaging in exercise and sports;


(iv) Attainment of knowledge of proper health procedure as related to physical exercise.

(x) To develop correct health habits;

A rational programme of physical activities can stimulate the participant to develop favorable attitudes and habits in physical, mental, moral, social and emotional health.

(xi) To serve as an out let for surplus energy, which if pent up, make the child tens, nervous and irritable.


(xii) To meet the challenge of growing indiscipline among the student community by instilling in the younger generation a sense of patriotism, self-reliance and discipline.

(xiii) To give adequate scope for bringing out the aptitu­des and talents of the child.

(xiv) To promote the spirit of certain qualities like sports-man ship, team spirit, leadership, patience, self-restrain co-operation, sociability and those other qualities of character and citizenship.

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