Teaching, training and learning take place in both formal and non-formal situations, enriching the nation’s human resources for individual well being and social progress. But the material resources for the improve­ment of education in India are very much limited.

It is therefore, very difficult to establish well equipped schools. It is felt that the implementa­tion of school complex can help us to solve the above problem to a great extent. The Kothari Commission recommended to implement the programme of school complex, for the reasons stated below.

(i) Such an organization will help to break the terrible isolation under which each school functions at present and link the high school with other schools in a particular area for raising the quality of education and to organize similar units throughout the country.

(ii) To enable a small group of schools working in a neighborhood to make a cooperative effort to improve standards.


(iii) The organization can provide new teaching aids like projector, a good library, a good laboratory in each secondary school as a unit and make them functionally available to all the schools in one area.

(iv) The group built round in one secondary school in a particular area can help for educational reform and development of our country.

(v) This organization will enable the Educational Department to develop authority with comparatively less fear of its being misused and to-provide the necessary stock of talent at the functional level to make use of this freedom.

(vi) To mobilize both human and material resources for the progress of education.


(vii) The group of schools and the teachers of one complex can get maximum freedom to develop their own programmes.

(viii) The school complex can coordinate its work with the local. communities and can derive as much help from this sources as possible.

(ix) The organization will help the schools to function in small, face-lo-face cooperative groups and to make a delegation of authority from the department possible.

(x) Under this programme, the school will gain much strength, will be able to make the system more elastic and dynamic.


(xi) The programme will facilitate to provide in-service training to the teachers and the upgrading of the less qualified teachers.

(xii) The programme will help to follow improved methods of teach­ing and to adopt new devices of teaching in the classroom.