Transfer of commodities or people from one place to another place is known as transport the things through which transfer takes place are known as vehicles or motors.

Bullock-carts, rickshaws, cars, buses, trucks, trains, boats, ships, aero planes and helicopters etc. are examples of different vehicles. All these vehicles need to ply on different ways or routes. Cars, buses, bullock carts and rickshaws ply on the roads.

Train moves on the special train line. Boats and ships move from one place to other places on water. Aero planes and helicopters fly in the sky. Transport is divided into four types depending upon the routes. These are road transport, rail transport, water transport and air transport. Transport needs three mediums. These are water, air and surface.

So transport is also divided into three types and these are surface transport, air transport and water transport.


Communication is the medium through which news and feelings of the people are sent from one place to another without meeting the people. It means, sending of news, information and feelings through any medium is known as communication.

People send news and information through letters, telegrams and telephone. Post and Telegraph Department helps in the communication. Televisions send news from one centre to another reaching innumerable people.

Newspapers are also a strong medium of communication for suggestions and opinions. Police, military and some other Government institutions use wireless to a large extent. So post, telegraph, telephone, television, wireless network and newspapers are known as the medium of communication.