There are some obvious advantages that the modern means of transport have over the carts and carriages of olden days:

1. Modern means of transport are very fast. We can travel from one end of India to another in a few days by train and a few hours by aeroplane.

2. We can easily move goods from one part of the country to another.

3. Trade with foreign countries has become possible because of the fast and reliable means of air, road and water transport. We can buy as well as sell goods to other countries.


But there are many negative effects of modernization in transport which we cannot overlook such as:

1. A number of people lose their lives in accidents.

2. Air pollution is a major ill-effect of modern means of transport. Most of our cities have heavy traffic. The smoke emitted from these vehicles is harmful to the health of people as well as the environment. These vehicles also cause noise pollution which is harmful to the health of the people.

To enjoy the benefits of technology and to minimize the ill-effects of modern means of transport, we can do the following things :


1. Cars and vehicles should be kept in good condition so that they do not give out exhaust fumes. Their pollution levels should be checked regularly and kept within the permissible limits.

2. A good public transport system should be provided. Then fewer people will use their vehicles thereby reducing trie number of vehicles on the road.

3. We can make special lanes for bicycles, two-wheelers and rickshaws so that they can move faster and more safely.

4. To avoid accidents, we should follow some simple safety rules :

  1. Always walk on the footpath. Never play on the road.
  2. Cross the road only at a zebra crossing. Look first to the right and then to the left before crossing to make sure no vehicle is coming.
  3. If on a bicycle, always keep to the left of the road and follow the traffic lights.
  4. While travelling to school in a bus, remember not to take any part of your body out of the window. You could get hurt.
  5. Do not climb on or get off a moving bus.
  6. Do not run around in the bus or make loud noises as it may distract the driver and cause an accident.


If we use transport sensibly, we can travel safely.

It requires awareness and a little discipline but it is well worth it !