I wish to draw your kind attention towards the increasing incidents of road accidents in our area. The major cause of the spurt in the incidents of accidents has been due to violation of traffic rules. People do not seem to understand that rules are made for our safety. People are in a habit of breaking laws. Everybody on the road seems to be in a hurry. Driving calls for patience, attention and carefulness.

But these are declining in modern society, particularly in younger generation. People while driving indulge in talks over mobile. Sometimes they are in such a hurry that they jump red lights. Over speeding is another cause of road accidents. People have a tendency to overtake the other vehicles. There are no traffic police on the traffic signals. Thus people violate the rules with impunity. There is nothing to be afraid of.

All these have contributed to the increase in the road accidents. It is a cause of great concern. Even pedestrians do not feel safe while moving on the road. They are afraid to be knocked down any time.


It is, requested to take immediate necessary action to check the incidence of road accidents. Traffic police may be deployed on every street to punish those who dare to break the traffic rules.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,