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What are the harmful Effects of Air Pollution?

Air pollution affects men, animals, plants, forests, materials and also has a profound adverse effect on atmosphere. It is detrimental to human health causing major respiratory disorders. Hay fever, asthma and bronchitis are caused due to air pollution.

What are the Effects and Consequences of Indebtedness?

Some of the major consequences of the rural in deftness are: 1) Deterioration in agriculture 2) Slavery and bonded labour 3) Low standard of health of the framers 4) Poverty 5) Psychological frustration.

What are the causes and effects of ocean currents?

Large amounts of water in the ocean move in a definite path on the surface. There are many such streams flowing all over the world oceans. These are called ocean currents. In short, they constitute a large mass of water flowing along a fixed path on the surface of the ocean.

Brief note on the Impact and Effects of Earthquake

In general terms, typical impacts and effects of earthquake disasters tend to be : Damage to national infrastructure and disruption to administrative and organizational systems. Sociological and psychological after-effects.

What are the various effects of cyclone?

Severe tropical cyclones are responsible for large number of causalities and considerable damage to property and agricultural crop. The destruction is confined to the coastal districts and the maximum destruction being within 100 km from the centre of the cyclone and on the right side of the storm track.

What are the Effects of Irrigation on Desert?

The physical conditions and geomorphic processes have undergone considerable modification in those deserts and their margins where substantial irrigation has been introduced.

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