Population policy refers to the Government policy to control the population. Government has realized the problem of rising population on economic development of a country. Improvement in standard of living of the people needs a significant decline in the growth of population.

Improvement in health facilities leads to decline in death-rate. It implies that decline in birth-rate is necessary to control the growth rate of population.

Family planning measures have been adopted by the Government for the effective control of birth­rate. Government does not make any coercive method to implement the family planning programme. Family planning is democratic in nature. It means married people are persuaded to limit the size of their family. It persuades couple to limit the size of the family and also gives incentive for the family planning. Different steps which are taken by the Government in the family planning programme are given below:

Family Planning Programme:


Government gives different advertisements on radio, television, newspapers and films to educate the couple about the benefits of small family and teaches people those children by choice and not by chance. This type of advertisement gives incentive for the people to control their family.

People are now being educated about the problems of large family and different methods to control birth.

(i) Birth control facilities are now being provided in different health centre and hospitals.

(ii) Financial incentives are. Now being given to the couple for vasectomy operation,


(iii) Green card is now being provided to the couple who have operated two-child-norm. This card helps people to get facilities in employment and promotion.

Other Measures:

Except these above stated programmes other steps are now being adopted to reduce birth-rate.

(i) Child marriage is prohibited. The marriage age for male and female has been increased lo 21 years and 18 years respectively.


(ii) Educated couples are generally interested for small family. So education is being given to the females to reduce birth-rate. If females are educated, they will prefer small family and late marriage. Due to more incentive for the female education, it is expected to control the growth rate of population.

(iii) The measures which are now being taken in different five year plans will help to control birth-rate because, due to economic development standard of living of the people rises. So to maintain a high standard of living, people should be interested to adopt small family norm.