1. Voluntary Policy:

The population policy of the Government of India is voluntary aiming to achieve population control through the co-operation of the people. It tries to educate the people about the benefits of a small family and encourages them to try and reduce the birth rate.

2. Wider Scope:

The scope of the population policy is quite wide. Apart from methods of population control, it also covers health of the family, welfare of the mothers, health of the children, etc. Truly, it has become a programme for family welfare instead of family planning.


3. Reduction in Birth Rate:

Since independence, the death rate has considerably come down and efforts may also be made to bring down the birth rate. Many direct and indirect measures are being adopted in order to achieve this objective. The minimum age for marriage has also been increased.

4. Different Methods:

Many different methods have been adopted to bring down the birth rate. Some of these methods are sterilization, use of condoms, loops, birth control pills, etc. Appropriate arrangements have been made in family planning centers in order to advise people in this regard.


5. Organization and Research:

All the expenses of the family planning programme are met by the Central Government but the programme is actually implemented by the state governments. This programme is being implemented at the level of Panchayats and Zila Parishads, so that the cooperation of people’s representatives can be gained for the programme.

Special research is also being undertaken in Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicine in this regard. New researches are being undertaken to bring down the birth rate.

6. Propaganda:


Family planning is being publicized on a very large scale in India. Contraceptives are being distributed among the people free of cost or at very low rates. Family planning is advertised through the television, radio, magazines, newspapers and books. Doctors and nurses are also being given special training in family planning methods.

7. Incentives:

The public may be given various incentives like cash rewards to participate in the population control programme. Apart from these, many other kinds of concessions have also been arranged for.