The main features of the modified National Population Policy are as follows:

1. No coercion is to be used for family planning. The public will be motivated and induced to undertake various measures of birth control.

2. The minimum age of marriage was raised to 18 years for females and 21 years for males.

3. Registration of marriages was to be made compulsory.


4. Use of education system to create awareness of the population problem in younger people and raising education level of females.

5. Use of media for spreading the message of family planning among the rural masses.

6. Provision of monetary compensation to those who go in for permanent measures of birth control, that is, sterilization and tubectomy.

7. There will be exemption in corporate taxes for those private business corporations which spend money for popularizing birth control measures.


8. The population education will be imparted in the educational institutions with the general education.