For many decades in Indian society girl child is considered as a curse for the society. Current sex ratio as per census 2001 was 927 to 1000 boys, which indeed is matter to think about. Sex determination tests are performed all over the country and it’s sad that the business has grown to 1000 crores.

The origin of sex determination tests was commenced with the arrival of ultrasound techniques in the early 1990’s.Government supported these activities in order to control the population growth, as there was a tendency of Indian families to continuously produce children until a male child is produced. Although government tried to put end to this practice in 2003 but the laws were poorly implemented

The trend of abortions and sex determination is common not only in villages but its also prevalent in the upper strata of the society. Killing of a baby girl before her birth is an offence. Doctors are not allowed to perform the sex determination tests and in case they are found guilty they can be send to jail and there licence can be seized.

It is one of the major concerns for our Indian society. Awareness is one of the major weapons that will help in this field. Girls are not curse to the society they are equal to boys in every respect. We, as Indian citizen need to stress upon the individual awareness.



Naina Agarwal