Surgical operations can also be used for the termination of pregnancies in women particulary after eight weeks of conception. Such surgical termination of pregnancy (or abortion) is allowed by law only in certain circumstances where the doctors decide that continuance of pregnancy can affect the health of mother or of unborn child gravely.

Some people, however, misuse the technique of surgical termination of pregnancy for ulterior motive to get rid of female foetus (or unborn girl child). In order to have a male child (son), some misguided people in our country get the sex of their unborn child determined by ultrasound technique (though it is illegal to do so), and if it is a female foetus, they get it removed by surgery. This killing of the unborn girl child is called female foeticide. Female foeticide is reducing the number of girls drastically in some societies of our country.

For a healthy society, the male-female sex ratio must be maintained at
almost the same level. Due to reckless female foeticide, the male-female child sex ratio is declining at an alarming rate in some sections of our society.

This must be stopped immediately. Female foeticide is a matter of shame for the couples who go for it and also for the doctors who perform such surgical abortions (or rather murder the unborn girl child) for earning some quick money! Let us not forget that our mother is a female, our sister is a female, and our wife is also a female. Then why not have a female as our daughter? Remember, daughters are no less than sons.


Our Government has already enacted laws to ban prenatal (before-birth) determination of sex of foetuses. These laws must be enforced strictly to save our society from the grave dangers of female foeticide in the long run. Let us not forget the words of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in praise of women (or females). He said ‘so kyon man’da aakhiye, jit jammein raajaari (why should we condemn women who have given birth to emperors of the world!).