29 Short GK Questions and Answers on Population of India

1. What is the population of India according to 2001 census?

102.8 crore.

2. According to 2001 census, state the population density of India.


324 persons per s km.

3. What is the annual growth rate of population in India according to 2001 census?


4. Name the most populated state of India and mention its population.


Uttar Pradesh, having the population of 166052859 (2001 census) persons.

5. State the most densely populated state of India.

West Bengal, 904 persons per square kilometre (2001 census).

6. Which state of India has minimum density of population and how much?


Arunachal Pradesh, 13 persons (2001 census) per s km.

7. According to 2001 census, what is the population of the union territory of Delhi?

13782976 persons (2001 census).

8. Which union territory has the highest density of population?


Delhi, 9294 persons per square km (2001 census).

9. Which union territory, has the lowest density of population?

Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 13 persons per s km (2001 census).

10. According to 2001 census, what is the ratio of literacy in India?


(64.84%-2001 census).

11. What percentage of the world population live in India?


12. State the population growth in India.


1.93%-(2001 census).

13. What is the death rate in India at present?

9.7 persons per thousand (2001 census).

14. Name the term for the number of deaths per 1000 population.

Death Rate.

15. According to 2001 census what is the urban population of India?

28.5 crore (27.78%).

16. According to 2001 census which is most populated city of India?

Greater Mumbai.

17. According to 2001 census how many cities have the population of more than one lakh?


18. What is the ratio of rural population according to 2001 census?


19. Name the highly populated cities of India, according to 1991 census.

Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai.

20. Name the year of demographic divide?


21. What is the percentage of urban population in India according to 1951 census?


22. What percentage of world land area is there in India?


23. Divide the population of India into different age groups.

Age group % of population

0-14 34.33

15-59 58.7

Above 59 6.97

24. What percentage of urban population live in class I cities?


25. Which is the most literate state in India?


26. What is the average number of inhabitants living within a specified unit of area?

324 persons per s km.

27. What is the difference between birth rate and death rate known as?

Natural growth rate.

28. What is the marriageable age for boys and girls in India according to law?

Boys: 21 years.

Girls: 18 years.

29. Name two sparsely populated regions in India. (A.I. CBSE 2000)

Two sparsely populated regions in India:

(i) North-eastern India (Hilly and forested region).

(ii) Thar Desert (Area of very scanty rainfall).