In the month of April I had got the opportunity of visiting a circus. The visit amused me very much. The most interesting feature of the circus was that it was a mixture of native genius and acquired talents. The circus party came to the city on the event of a local festival.

The rush was heavy during the period of the show. I was attracted by the coloured posters of the circus. There were tricks of people and animals on the posters.

I was astonished to know that the circus party had drawn people from various nationalities and creeds such as Indian, Europeans, Japanese, Americans, Africans and Russians as well in a great variety of roles. The tent was well lighted with coloured bulbs. In addition to this the great variety of animals from different countries such as Africa, India and other Asian countries drew my attention.

Accompanied by one of my friends I went on a holiday to visit the show. The galleries were filled with spectators by the time we occupied the seats. The center of the attraction of the circus was a white elephant from Burma. Other animals were giraffe, Guerilla, monkey, tiger, lion, parrots, birds, horses.


The show began at 4 P.M. The cyclists began their tricks. The cyclists were both male and female. The trick was that of balancing on a bicycle in a wonderful way. We saw the imitation of the balancing trick by a clown to cause laughter among the visitors. We saw the riding of a motorcycle by a man round a well with great velocity.

We were astonished and amused by the walk of a girl on a wire in mid air with an umbrella in hand. The rope dancing of the Japanese girl was very interesting. The body builder or acrobat showed the control of his muscles. The throwing of sharp daggers by a man at a beautiful girl standing against a board was quite interesting. It was astonishing that none of the daggers pierced the body of the girl. The clown amused us. The dogs jumped through a ring of fire. The elephants played football and offered their prayer to Lord Krishna. Many wonderful tricks were shown by the lions and tigers too.

The swing trick event of the circus was the most interesting part. Many women and men had participated in the event. Their movements were surprising and exciting. The show came to an end at 7 P.M. We returned home happily.