A Circus is an interesting source of recreation. The participants in it display the hair rising items. Circus has actors, different animals, jokers and some guides. Their performances entertain the visitors. A circus is a show of charm and attraction for all the young, old, men, women, rich and poor alike.

Apollo Circus had come to Delhi. It set up a huge canopy with many coloured flags in the Ramlila ground. They pasted many coloured posters on the walls. There was excitement in the city. A large number of people were going to see the circus daily. They praised it highly.

We decided to visit the circus. We were a band of five boys. We went to the Ramlila ground. When we reached to the circus, we saw a big tent. The circus band was playing. Electric bulbs were shining outside the tent. A man was standing on a high platform.

He was wearing clothes of many colours. He looked very funny. He was a joker. He was beating a drum. He was inviting people to see circus. A large number of men, women and children were standing at the booking window.


There were many other students of my school. We went together to the manager and requested him to give tickets at the concession rate. He agreed. /He arranged a separate booking window for students. Thus, we purchased tickets.

The show began with athletic items in which both young and old persons took part then came a band of girls. They showed feats on swings. Their items were charming. They were bending their body as if they were made of rubber.

After it came the elephants. They managed to sit on the stools in a very amusing way. One of these elephants saluted all of us then came the horses that moved fast in circles and showed many funny tricks. Now it was the chance of funny clowns with painted faces. One of them was dressed like a chimpanzee, the other one like a tiger and third one like balloon girl. Their activities were so funny and amusing that everyone was getting delighted in the true sense of the term.

The items of rope tricks were very impressive. A lady with an umbrella in one hand walked .on the rope balancing her. She also rode on a cycle having only one wheel. She paddled it fast on the rope.


There were three jokers with strange faces and in unique uniform. They entertained the public. Then big cases of animals were brought. As soon as the lions were released from their cages, they roared loudly. Their master was standing nearby with a long whip in his hand.

The last item was of motor cyclist, who was driving the motor cycle in globe. After this, the circus show was over. We returned home with light heart praising various circus items.