I like the circus show very much. Last Month the Gemini Circus came to our town. It brings actors, acrobats and performers from various parts of the country. They perform tricks that attract everybody and people like to visit the circus again and again.

We reached the circus gate at 4.00 pm and purchased our tickets for the entrance. We sat down comfortably with our packets of chips and pop-corn, when all of a sudden we heard the loud trumpeting of an elephant.

An acrobat sat on the elephant’s back. She suddenly began to perform on his back; she would turn around and sometimes stand on her head or on one hand. The horse was trotting around on the ring.

The jokers cheered us all up a lot. They were dressed in colourful clothes and their faces were painted with beautiful colours which made them look very funny.


The gymnasts performed for an hour. The bodies of these gymnasts are very supple and it is amazing to see them moving their body as through it were rubber.

There are lions that were so tame that even I felt like going and giving them a pat on their back. They were gentle and their trainer had full control over them.