Here is your short essay on television as an miracle of science


Science has indeed revolutionized man’s life with its mind- boggling inventions. Television is a system for reproducing on a small screen actual or recorded activities, programmes and feature films.

Even while sitting comfortably at home, we can watch the programme of our choice. Color television sets have replaced black and white ones. With the introduction of satellite transmission, television has now reached every part of the world. In India, Doordarshan, like Akashvani, is controlled by the government, but there is tough competition.

The Star television network operates many channels and caters exclusively for South Asian viewers. The Zee T. V. is meant for the viewers of Hindi and other regional languages programmes. The Doordarshan too has introduced various channels and diversified and enriched its programmes. All kinds of music, various forms of dances, shows, contests and functions and quizzes, games and jokes can be enjoyed by the viewers. ‘Kavi Sammelans’, ‘Mushairas’, conferences, interviews, speeches, panel discussions and debates are regularly telecast.


Parliamentary proceedings and important matches are shown live. We can watch national and international sports, news and views, current affairs, documentaries and cultural and political rounded-ups. Farmers can learn the latest agricultural techniques and valuable information. Programmes on cooking, interior decoration, fashions and profitable use of leisure can benefit women. For children there are cartoons, animation films and circus and magic shows.

Students can update their knowledge from educational programmes for schools and universities. Health-conscious people can learn yoga and other exercises and gather knowledge about various diseases. Feature films, tele-films, tele-serials, soap operas, detective serials, murder mysteries and a host of other programmes entertain us day in and day out. With the help of V.C.R.’s and V.C.P’,s and cable-operators we can watch programmes according to our respective tastes.

Television entertains and instructs us and broadens our outlook. But excessive T. V. watching can be addictive and harmful, particularly for children and students. Vulgar and obscene programmes can have a bad effect on their morals. T.V. programmes should, therefore, be watched judiciously.

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