Television is a great wonder of modern science. It brings the cinema at home, inside our drawing rooms and living rooms. It is the best source of entertainment. The whole family can see different types of programmes daily. These days, TV sets are within the reach of poor also.

Through TV sets, we not only hear the song but also see the singers and dancers. The advent of television has replaced the cinema also. Now the people need not go the cinema halls. They can comfortably remain indoor and watch the choicest films and other entertaining and educative programmes.

In India, by means of television, good lessons are telecast also for the benefit of the students. The University Grants Commission and Indira Gandhi Open University also telecast their lesson-programmes at scheduled time. These lessons are pry useful. Students take great interest in these lessons as they are more informative and taught by renowned professors.

Today we have 24 hours news channels, entertainment channels, informative channels like Discovery and Planet Earth.


Besides these lessons and other entertaining programmes and films, many international matches are also telecast. Since we watch them in our drawing rooms, we enjoy them better. There is no tension for buying tickets and going to the playgrounds. We can enjoy television programme better as there is not much cost involved in having a good T V set. Television is a boon of the modern times.

But the remixing of old songs and showing females in short clothes is not good and healthy sign in the name of TV entertainment. The govt should censor such scenes for the sake of younger generation and school-going children.