315 words essay for kids on Television

Television is a very useful means of giving education and entertainment. The best teachers can teach the largest number of students. There are many things which it is difficult, rather impossible, to show in schools. Television makes it possible to make such unfamiliar objects familiar. The boys can enjoy a lesson on snowfall on the mountains as a living reality and not merely as spoken or written word.

Students of Science get the greatest benefit. Geography becomes a fascinating subject. In fact, lessons on television become both entertaining and instructive. Educational films shown on the television bring vividly everything before the students.

In tele-clubs people watch special programmes. These programmes are very entertaining. But they have an educative value also. These include programmes watched by a good number of people who are members of the tele-clubs. At the end of each programme the secretaries of these tele- clubs take down the suggestions of the. Members and send to the All India Radio. Thus, with the help
of these clubs the television programmes are becoming better and more popular every day.


On special days, like the ‘Republic Day there are special programmes. People in large numbers come to the tele-clubs and watch celebrations to Republic day.

Television is thus a means of imparting in­formation, education and entertainment. It is no longer in its infancy. The time is not far when it will reach the remotest parts of our country.

Television has proved to a blessing of Science. It has brought millions of people around the world to think and feel together. It has brought out a rare blend up East and West.

Now days, no nation can think of being isolated from the globe. The universal brother­hood has almost become a reality in terms of the emotions and sensibilities. The explosion of cable networks and multi-channeled programmes have unleashed a new era of education and entertainment.

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