Short essay on Diffusion of Television in India


TV audiences have expanded tremendously in India during last ten years. It is estimated that 57.7 million households in India have TV sets. The number of people who can watch TV programmes in their own homes is 296 millions.

Such a large number of TV viewers provide tremendous potential for development. But television is not being utilized generally for the purpose of promoting literacy, improving nutrition or limiting family size. We all know that TV content is dominated by entertainment programmes.

There are three main reasons for the diffusion of television in India. Firstly, with the launching of satellites, increased number of transmitters, availability of TV sets on installments has increased the access to television broadcasting.


Secondly, as a result of competition among the channels to do business and become popular among the audiences, every channel including Doordarshan are

producing soap operas and entertainment programmes. This provides a very wise selection of programmes to the viewers.

Such programmes motivate people to buy television because they feel satisfied having entertainment at home and at cheaper rate. The income from advertising has also contributed to the diffusion of television in India.

More and more advertisers are attracted to sponsor interesting entertainment programmes. This has encouraged the producers to produce variety of television programmes which ultimately attract people and motivate them to own television.

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