I am a student of St. Margret School. I read in class-IV. The school teaches upto class-XII. It is an English medium school of repute. Students from this school make good results in the board examination every year.

Our principal Father Joseph is a good administrator. He maintains strict discipline in the school. Even the teaching staff, what to say to the students, are scared of his alert attention over every minute matter of the school.

Every morning we attend the prayer classes in the courtyard. Thereafter, we enter our classrooms and take our seats. Our class teacher is Mrs. Johnson. She is a middle-aged lady with an affectionate nature and pleasing personality. She teaches us English and History. There are other teachers who take class for mathematics, second language, and science and so on.

In our school, there is a playground, where we play basketball and volleyball. We are required to attend physical training classes under the supervision of our P.T. teacher called Mr. Rozario. It is said that he was once a successful sportsman in his own right.


Every year, there takes place an annual prize giving ceremony in the hall inside the school-compound. Our principal gives away the prizes to the meritorious students for good examination results, games, regular attendance and overall good performance throughout the year. We are proud of our school. It is as dear as our home to us.