I read in a co-educational school. My school is among the best schools of Delhi. There are over eighty teachers in our school. They are all well-qualified. I respect them all. But I like Mrs. Kapoor the best. She is my ideal teacher.

She teaches us English. She is an M.A., B.Ed. She is an author and has many short stories and poems to her credit. I have enjoyed reciting a few of her poems. Mrs. Kapoor is so simple yet impressive and dignified. She believes in simple living and high thinking. She is very popular both among students and teachers for her towering personality and simplicity. But she is very strict. She is very punctual in attending her classes. Her knowledge of English language is excellent. When she teaches a poem in her class, the students listen to her with great attention and respect. She is healthy and charming. She loves us all as her own children.

She is never angry even if a student is mischievous. She does not believe in punishment. Her observation is very keen. She is ever ready to help and guide us. She feels special concern for the poor and needy students. She does whatever she can for them. She is also incharge of our school-drama Society. Students love and respect her.