I study in Ape Jay School, Pitampura. It is among the best schools of the city. My school has a beautiful building. It has eighty large, well-ventilated class-rooms, an auditorium, and a big hall.

The hall is used when the examination is held or when any guest visitor comes to deliver a lecture to the students. But our school is proud of what is called the science rooms. The school has two playgrounds and 2 indoor stadia.

Our school has a fine library. It is stocked with 10,000 useful books as well as newspapers and magazines for students. A large number of students who are fond of books visit the library everyday.

Our school has a trained and efficient staff. Our principal is an experienced man. No other teacher works harder than him. He is an excellent teacher. He teaches us English. He is very kind and sympathetic.


The students play games in the play ground. The games are compulsory for the students. Our teachers want us to cultivate the habit of reading. So he makes all of us to read one extra book every month. He asks us to develop various hobbies. Some of us collect stamps, some look after the school garden, etc. Our school is very popular. Students from all parts of Delhi come to study here. My school is an ideal school in Delhi.