My class teacher is Mrs. Johnson. She teaches us English and History in the school. Other teachers teach us other subjects. During the roll-call, Mrs. Johnson will look through her bifocal lens at the face of each student who responds promptly to the call.

Mrs. Johnson is really a good teacher. She is strict but affectionate, too. She knows well how to educate the brilliant students and also to uplift other mediocre and average merit to the standard grade by covering up their weak points. She is found to pay special attention to the weaker students so that they can come up to cope with the standard of the class.

Our class-teacher is a good disciplinarian and an able educator. Her English pronunciation, expression and sense of diction are noteworthy. She teaches us how to write short and simple sentences in English. She calls us one by one, on the dais, and asks us to speak and develop the free speaking ability in us. She has a unique style of teaching her students.

On the ‘Teacher’s Day’, we bring flowers and other small gifts for our beloved teacher. We are really fortunate to study under a capable and experienced teacher like Mrs. Johnson.