44 most important Question on Trade & Manufactures during Mughal period in India


1. What was the principal manufacture of India during the Mughal period?

Ans. Fine cloth.

2. Name one important commercial and administrative centre under the Mughals?


Ans. Lahore.

3. What was the name of the silver coin prevalent in the Mughal days?

Ans. Rupuya.

4. What was the name of the copper coin prevalent in the Mughal days?


Ans. Dam.

5. What was exported to different parts of the country from Bengal during the Mughal days?

Ans. Rice.

6. Name a foreign country to which exports from India reached.


Ans. Persia (Iran).

7. What was the largest port of India during the Mughal days?

Ans. Surat.

8. Where did Vasco da Gama first land in India?


Ans. Calicut.

9. When did Vasco da Cama reach India?

Ans. In 1498.

10. When were the Dutch permitted to open factory in India?


Ans. In 1606.

11. Where did the Dutch first open their factory?

Ans. Masulipattam.

12. When did Captain Hawkins visit Jahangir’s court at Agra?

Ans. In 1608.

13. Where did the English East India Company first establish its factory in India?

Ans. Surat.

14. Where was the earliest factory of the English established in India?

Ans. Surat.

15. In which year did Aurangzeb die?

Ans. 1707.

16. Of the regional kingdoms name the one in which the English East India Company intervened first?

Ans. Bengal.

17. By what name was road-cess known in the Mughal period?

Ans. Rahadari.

18. Which is regarded as the Magna Carta of English trade in Bengal?

Ans. The Farrukhsiyar farmati of 1717.

19. Who was the first independent Nawab of Bengal?

Ans. Murshid Quli Khan.

20. Which was the first English factory in the Bengal subah?

Ans. Hariharpur.

21. Where was the first English factory established in Bengal proper?

Ans. Hooghly.

22. Centering which village was the city of Calcutta founded?

Ans. Sutanuti.

23. When did Alivardi Khan occupy the throne of Bengal?

Ans. In 1740.

24. When did Sirajuddowla become the Nawab of Bengal?

Ans. In 1756.

25. When was the Treaty of Alinagar signed?

Ans. In 1757.

26. When was a fort established at Sutanuti?

Ans. In 1656.

27. When did the battle of Plassey take palce?

Ans. In 1751.

28. Who became the Nawab of Bengal immediately after the Plassey?

Ans. Mir Kasim.

29. Who was the first Nizam of Hyderabad?

Ans. Chinkilich Khan.

30. Which foreign traders conspired against the Nawab of Carnatic?

Ans. The French.

31. What was dastak?

Ans. A permit.

32. Who was Saukat Jang?

Ans. A-conspirator.

33. When was the Fort William established?

Ans. 1696.

34. By whose name was the Fort William named?

Ans. King William III of England.

35. Where was the Fort William established?

Ans. In Calcutta.

36. When the fort was named Fort William?

Ans. In 1700.

37. Who established the independent kingdom of Rohilkhand?

Ans. The Afghans.

38. Who established the Bharatpur kingdom?

Ans. The Jats.

39. When was the independent kingdom of Hyderabad established?

Ans. In 1724.

40. Who founded the Kingdom of Hyderabad?

Ans. Chinkilich Khan.

41. From whom Alivardi Khan snatched the Nawabship of Bengal?

Ans. Sarfaraj Khan.

42. Name the foreigners who conspired against Sirajuddowla.

Ans. The English.

42A. what is Caravan?

Ans. Itinerant businessmen.

42B. by what name were called the roaming businessmen in the Mughal days?

Ans. Banjara.

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