Who was the first independent ruler of Bengal?


(a) Independent Nawab:

Alivardi Khan was the first independent ruler of Bengal.

(b) Nawabs and the English:


Under the first Nawab of Bengal Murshid Quli Khan the relations between the English traders and the Nawab was very normal. Murshid Quli Khan allowed the Company to trade in Bengal maintaining norms. He was opposed to the idea of English gaining military strength. Under Sujauddin and Sarfaraz Khan also Nawab’s relations with the English was not at all strained.

(c) Change in the Relations:

At the time of Sirajuddowla there was a change in the relations with the English. From the very beginning there was estrangement of relations between the Nawab and the English due to several reasons. The English were so much annoyed with Siraj that they wanted to depose him and install a new Nawab. The English thereupon hatched a conspiracy with some influential persons who were dissatisfied with Siraj. The consequence was the battle of Plassey in which Siraj was defeated.

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