Since when began the independent Nawabship of Bengal? What was the importance of the farman of 1717?


a. Independent Nawabship:

The independent Nawabship of Bengal commenced in 1740 with the capture of the seat of Bengal Nawab by Alivardi Khan.

b. Importance of the Farman:


The Importance of the farmam was as follows:

First, the English were to enjoy duty-free trading right on an annual payment of Rs. 3000.

Second, a dastak or a special permit issued by the head of the English factory in Calcutta would exempt all goods mentioned in the permit from being stopped or searched by the Nawab’s officials.

It may be mentioned here that the two privileges secured by the English Company became the source of all the future conflict between the Nawab of Bengal and the English.


Third, Professor S. Bhattacharya regarded the farman as the Magna Carta of English trade in Bengal. From that time onwards there was a steady increase in the business of the Company.

Fourth, the Farrukhsiyar’s farman of 1717 paved the way for commercial as well as political supremacy of the English in India. Fifth, the Farman put the Nawab in a very awkward position.

The unqualified trading rights of the English in Bengal granted by the Mughal Emperor without reference to the subahdar of Bengal was bound to affect the authority of the latter.

The Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar issued the Farman in 1717.

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