The Lok Sabha is the Lower House of the Union Parliament. It consists of the elected representatives of the people. The present Lok Sabha consists of 545 members, out of which 543 are elected and 2 are nominated by the President of India. The nominated members belong to the Anglo-Indian community. For the purpose of election, the whole country is divided into constituencies. The number of constituencies in each state depends on its population. The votes are cast through a secret ballot, i.e., nobody else knows for whom he has voted. The candidate who gets the maximum number of votes is declared elected and becomes a member of the parliament. The normal term of the Lok Sabha is five years, but it can extend for another year in case of an emergency. It can also be dissolved before its full term, by the President on the request of Prime Minister or when the Prime Minister losses the confidence of the Lok Sabha. The quorum of a sitting Lok Sabha is one-tenth of its total strength. It cannot hold a session without one-tenth of its members present. A meeting without the required member is considered illegal. After his/her election as an M.P., every member has to take an oath of loyalty to the Constitution of India. The oath is administered by the President. The speaker and a deputy speaker are elected. The speaker conducts the proceedings of the House. The first hour is the ‘question hour’ where the members put up question before the Parliament which are related to important matters. Thereafter other matters are taken up.