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148 Words paragraph on when My Scooter Failed

I was going on my father’s scooter to Connaught Place. When I reached Shankar Road, near Rejoinder Nagar, my scooter suddenly stopped with a slight jerk. I checked the tank, and there was sufficient petrol. I switched on the ignition and pressed the starter button again and again, but the scooter did not start.

147 Words paragraph on importance of Water

Water is the real elixir. We cannot think of life without water. Life is said to have originated in water millions and millions year ago. We need water to drink, to wash our bodies and clothes, to cook our food and to grow crops, vegetables and fruits.

182 Words Paragraph on learning Cycling

My elder brother helped me to learn how to ride a bicycle. One fine summer morning he took me on his cycle to a nearby playground. It was a large, open and level ground, and all deserted. My brother made me sit on the seat of the bicycle and place my feet on the pedals.

154 Words Paragraph on the Things I Enjoy Doing

I am a 14 years old girl. My name is Rajang. I enjoy doing many things. But I enjoy most helping my beloved mother. I help her in the garden and in the kitchen. She has green fingers and gardening is her hobby. I help her in watering the plants, and in removing the weeds. […]

195 Words Paragraph on how I Learnt to Swim

Three years back I visited my uncle in the summer vacation. I am a big farmer and lives in a village. In the village there is a big and lovely pond with lotus and lily flowers in it. I learnt how to swim there. My uncle’s only son Nits is of my age and an […]

163 Words Paragraph on my Boyhood Memories

It is always so fascinating to recollect boyhood and early childhood memories. They were really golden days full of fun, frolic and merriment. Even sad ones now do not seem so sad and unpleasant. It looks as if they did not happen to me. I can look upon them as an observer and onlooker.

164 Words Paragraph on a Visit to the Dinosaurs Alive Showing

I had the occasion to visit the educational show and exhibition called “Dinosaurs Alive.” It was organized by the National Council of Science Museums, opposite the Gate No. I, Pragati Maidan, near Purina Quila. It was really a wonderful experience to see the models or the monstrous Jurassic lizards stride, move, snarl and spit fire.

159 Words Paragraph on street Hawkers

Hawkers are frequent and common in our colony, as in many others. They ply their wares from street to street and colony to colony. They make the life and buying convenient. Through them, market comes to our door-step. They have brisk business and good profit.

149 Words Paragraph on capital Punishment

In the modern age of science, space, and technology, capital punishment looks quite absurd and cruel. Gone are the days when it worked as a deterrent for the prevention of big crimes. In my opinion, now we need not send the big criminals to gallows. Rather we should send them to reformatories and treat them […]

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